A-Z Hair Tips

Hey guys,
So today i'm doing something a little different. I thought i'd share with you guys my tips and tricks for my hair. Now all of these things i've learnt working in the industry or they are just general knowhow. 
I have to say, its a crappy cold British day today so i'm sat at home, with all the heating on, a blanket && i'm listening to Nouvelle Vague - Teenage kicks. If you haven't heard it go check it out.
Before i start rambling about nothing, lets get to it! Here's my A-Z guide of hair tips && tricks.
( also shout out to the original redhead for helping me with some of the tricker letters)
Argan Oil
Seriously this stuff is unappreciated. There's loads of different brands on the market but as long as its natural argan oil. It's packed with vitamin E, which helps to promote hair growth. It can also help fight dandruff && a dry scalp. This is a perfect product to use this time of year when your hair naturally dries out.
Beach waves
okay, the messy beach waves is a perfect all year round look. My favourite way of getting this look is french braiding my hair when its wet, sleep on it && in the morning style it out with some matte wax. It gives it that perfect tousled beach wave look.
I can guarantee you've attempted to colour your hair at home before right? There's some crazy fashions out there, personally this season i've gone for the dragged roots into a super light blonde. Now as a hairdresser yeah i do this at home, but i would always recommend either going to a salon && getting a professional to do it, or get a friend/family member to help you out if your doing it at home.
You know that huge knot you always seem to get in your hair thats impossible to get out. Yeah, do not yank it out, start from your ends and work your way up with a wide toothed comb. I use the Label.m de-tangling anti static comb && i absolutely swear by it. If i get a super knot I'm my hair i put on a little hair oil or conditioner && it helps loosen it out. Remember to brush your hair thoroughly at least twice a day.
Yes, i'm a sucker for straighteners, hairdryers, curling tongs etc. But you need to be careful not to overuse them. Also, if you buy super cheap electricals, they're 90% of the time damaging your hair. Yes you pay for quality, but these are better. I have had a pair of GHD's i've had for 5 years now && i've never had an issue with them. But do shop around before you buy, you're usually best buying from a hair wholesales.
A girls worst nightmare. This can be from natural static, over brushing or just the way your naturally is. Tip no.1 do NOT skip using conditioner. Conditioner closes the cuticle of your hair, making it appear smooth. Also let your hair dry naturally about 80% before blowdrying it. Make sure you always keep some hair serum handy on those hotter days, it will smooth out the frizz && should tame it for you.
Growing Your Hair
Most of us want longer hair && unfortunately it doesn't grow overnight. Your hair grows on average of ½ an inch per month. Not a lot right? Unfortunately there's not a wonder product out there that can make your hair grow super quick. It's down to diet, regular haircuts (ironic i know), drinking plenty of water, making sure you get the right vitamins && brush your hair like it's spun from gold; be gentle with it.
'you should get your hair cut ever 6-8 weeks'
This is not accurate for everyone. Yes if you have a shorter style, get your hair cut more regularly as your style will grow out a lot quicker. Longer hair i would recommend ever 8-12 weeks. Make sure you are actually getting your hair cut regularly, not doing so can do more damage then you think.
Can come from anywhere. Celebrities, TV or even someone walking down the street. Maybe you are the inspiration for someone else. Don't be afraid to experiment with your hair. We've all done it. Personally; I've been every colour of the rainbow, shaved, long, curly, straight, perm. You name it i've done it. So find some inspiration; i love using youtube && pinterest for some crazy new ideas.
Why do we never add jewellery in our hair anymore? There is so many amazing looks out there that we can add bit of sparkle to our hair. From chains, floral bands, barrettes && crowns. Ladies, lets bring the glam back! It can jazz up any look in an instant with minimal effort. 
You're probably thinking of the type where you don't brush your hair for three days. It's not. Knot hair styles. I love them && they are so underused. You've got top knots, nape knots, celtic knots, woven knots. Seriously there's so many kinds that you never see.
It's coming up to summer (well, not in England anyways) so naturally your hair will get lighter. But if your anything like me, you bleach the hell out of it until you get that perfect blonde. Bleach isn't the only thing out there to get this look. Wella do this amazing product called Magma; it's a bleach && toner in one. If you want to use more of a natural product, lemon juice works wonder. Just sit out in the sun && that way it will bleach your hair.
This is no joke. Massaging your scalp is so good for you for many reasons.
Firstly, it's super relaxing. Rope somebody into massaging your head. It also brings the blood to the surface of your scalp which promotes hair growth. It also helps produce sebum which is super important for healthy hair. Now, there's an excuse to get a head massage.
No heat styles
These are my favourites. It's actually quite rare for me to use heated appliances on my own hair. Probably only time i do is when i've got a night out. So most the time i put my hair in plaits. If my hair is wet it'll give me a heavy wave, where as when its dry just gives it a loose wave. I also love using rags, old shirts or something, wrap your hair around && knot. leave it to do dry && you will get the most beautiful curls. Even something as simple as twisting your hair && putting it into a bun. There's so many things you can try without using heat on your hair!
This has been my go to colour for about 5 years now. My excuse; it's a lazy colour. This is the perfect colouring technique for those who want a low upkeep style. I think at one point i went over a year without colouring it, i just left it to grow out. It's also super cool because you can experiment with colours. I love playing around with hair chalks on mine (also keep an eye out over the next month i'll be putting a post up about how i do my ombre).
I am massively into plaits at the moment, i love them. One of the things i love about them is they can either dress down an outfit or dress it up. So for a classic french braid - if you need to get your hair out your face, or go for something bit more interesting like a 5 strand plait, or a waterfall braid. They're super easy to learn, && once you've nailed it, everyone will want you to do one in their hair.
Quick fix
Haven't got time to go to the salon to get your roots done? Don't panic, just blend some powder eye shadow into your hair (obviously match the colour), spray over some hairspray && viola! Fixed until  you can see your stylist.
Slept in && haven't got time to wash your hair? Thats cool section off the top half of your hair && just wash that bit. It's a super quick way to make it look like you've got clean hair && will keep you going until the end of the day.
Sea Salt Spray
Okay, so i'm on the fence about this. Over use it && it can do a lot of damage to your hair. But if you use it correctly this can do amazing things. I actually love using sea salt spray on straight hair; it just gives it that texturised, just got out of bed look. Use it on curls to give that summer beach look. I actually love it.
Traction Alopecia
Right ladies, the super scraped back pony tails & buns are not good for your hair. Sorry to rain on your parade, but by doing this a lot, your actually pulling the hair shaft out from the root && that hair may never grow back. This normally happens around the hairline, && unfortunately this can't be undone. The most known example is Naomi Campbell back in 2010. Check it out, it's not great.
We are all lovers of voluminous hair; you see pictures of Angelina Jolie, Beyonce && Adele and you get complete hair envy. How did they get it so big? what products do they use? My go to products are a strong hold hairspray, some volume dust && a tail comb. Take your hair in small sections backcomb at the root, add some product && your done, Adele will be jealous.
Washing Your Hair
Right, i don't know why the idea is out there that you should wash your hair everyday. You need  the natural sebum that your hair releases as it will nourish, protect && moisturise your hair and scalp. It also levels out the PH which is super important. If i know i'm gonna be in the house i let my hair get super oily/"dirty" && that what keeps my hair in such good condition. 
Xtra Care
Any blondies out there, or do you have super thin hair? Yeah this one is for you. You guys should be doing a lot more in your haircare routine that others. Blondes, your hair naturally lacks moisture so it's important to put that back in. Once a week try a hair mask on your hair, trust me it will work wonders.
Thin hair, not a problem. Try a thickening hair shampoo, there are loads out there. Some traditional ones are beer shampoos (i've actually tried these && they do work). Next time you're in the shower take in a bottle of beer.
If you're not super skilled in the hair department, Youtube is a great place to go to for tutorials. You can pretty much find everything on there. Even now, after 7 years of hairdressing, i still go to youtube to learn how to do new things && see the newest trends.
A deficiency of zinc can actually promote hair loss. which of course none of us want. Obviously vitamins are something our bodies need, so when my hair is looking lank && not the way it usually is i'll just bring up my intake of zinc. You can find zinc in things like beans, nuts, wholegrain && sweet potato.

So there you go! My A-Z hair tips! What are your tips & tricks that you use?
Comment below on what you do!
Lots of love
- Zotonixe