Little Black Book

So back in August i did a blog called what's in my bag, and in that I mentioned a little black book which at the time was a secret. It's now time to tell you all about it.
Now this is going to be a bit of a story so get comfortable and maybe a few tissues if you're a softie.

So this book came into my life a while ago. As most of you know I used to be a barber/hairdresser. Sometimes you make really strong relationships with people. This brings me to a particular gentleman that i had a very strong bond with. Unfortunately he had been struggling with brain tumours for a while and got told they had become inoperable. I remember when he && his wife came in and told me the news. I had no idea what to say, i was devastated for them. He then told me that he had a present for me and to not open it until i had finished work.
Being the child that i am i couldn't wait and opened it. Onto was a note I will never forget, it said :
You've always been like a daughter to me and i'll never get the chance 
to give this to a daughter of my own. This was something i thought
you would like and be able to remember me by.
At that note alone i balled my eyes out. Underneath was a small black book. I opened it and what amazed by the content.

There are a few different parts to the book, but it starts with 'things to remember in life'

There is 41 pages of quotes, statements and random phrases. Everytime i have a bad day i flick to a random page && pick one to read. A few of my favourites:
- if life gives you lemons; you should still do your best to squeeze out a porshe
- if you don't take the leap, you'll never learn to fly
- open your mind; think differently
- you can't buy time; make the most of today
- if you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your b*llsh*t
-work until your idols become your idols



The next part is 'books to read'. I'm a massive book worm so this is my favourite of mine. I'm slowly making my way through the 8 pages. There are some classic novels && some new ones. A few of my favourite include:
- Great Expectations; Charles Dickens
- We Were Liars; E.Lockhart
- The Fault In Our Stars; John Green
- Z for Zachariah; Robert C Obrien


Next up is 'films to watch before you die'. A lot of these are super girlie films that I guess a daughter would watch but funnily enough my favourite film is first on the list; the breakfast club. Other ones i love include:
-Sister act
- Love Me If You Dare (my favourite french film)
- The Matrix


Half way through the book it changes slightly. The next part is a bucket list. I already have a bucket list but this one is a lot more extensive.
I love the first page it's such a cool idea...

A few things on the bucket list include:
-witness a natural phenomenon
-name a star
- write a book
- get a tattoo


To tie in with this, the next part is travelling it also has a cute idea on the front page.

Some of these I want to complete in the next year. The include:
- Cross the intersection at Abbey Road
- Experience Hawaii
- Ride a Gondola through Venice


The reason i haven't wrote about this earlier is that the gentleman that gave me this sadly passed away a few months ago.
Shortly afterwards, his wife discovered she was pregnant.
So i'm going to do all of the things in this book && create a photo album to give their child, so they can see how amazing their father was.

Lots of love
- Zotonixe