What's In My Bag?

Hey guys!
super sorry i've been quiet for the past month. i've had so much going on
but now i'm back && blogging full time.

Now i've seen this tag flying around the blogosphere and vlogisphere for a 
long time. I'm one of those people i'm naturally curious, so for someone to
 show me how much junk they carry around makes me a little happy.
Now you guys get a chance to peek into my bag and what i carry 
around with me on a daily basis.
Let's get started.

So my current bag i'm using is a dark blue Michael Kors, and i 
absolutely love this bag.
I got this bag last summer and it fits everything i need it in and 
let's be honest, it's gorgeous.

So this is everything unloaded out of my bag && i was actually 
shocked at how little i carry around. For the weight of my bag i thought i'd have
a lot more in it than this. Everything in here is life essentials
and i don't think i could function on a daily basis
without any of these things.

the first things I'm gonna show is technology.
I constantly carry around my iPad, if I could fit my Mac in this bag I would bring that too.
I use this to do my work on during the day, get some blogs written & read some books when I get a chance.
EE owner bar - whoever invented this was a genius. I always find my phone/iPod/iPad drain of battery very quickly when I'm using them all day, so carrying around this little beauty is the best things. I would recommend everyone to get one of these from the EE store.
Finally I carry around my iPod. I'm one of those weird people who feel uncomfortable getting on public transport without some form of music. I constantly have headphones in.

Between my job and my blog I'm constantly making notes of things I need.  My little red notebook is so full of random ideas that half the time I don't even know what it's about.
The little black book on the left;this one is a little secret which I will be writing a post about. And finally my diary, I couldn't live without this, i really need to hire a personal assistant that tells me everything that I need to know and do for the week.

Random junk that most people carry around.
Of course i always carry my purse around, this is an old purse from Primark.
Sunglasses are a must. Even if it isn't sunny, it's great for when I'm tired so no one can see me face ha!
body spray & water are always a must, especially when England decides to have random nice sunny days.
And finally my keys, i loose my keys at least 80% of the time so i make sure they're always tucked away somewhere safe.

And that's it. Everything i haul around on my shoulder every day!

Lots of love
- Zotonixe